DTEN ME 27" Online


DTEN ME 27" 27" HD Capacitive Touch Screen, 3 x Camera Array, 160° HOV, 8-Element Array Microphone, Integrated Speakers, WiFi & Ethernet LAN, DTEN OS, HDMI In (1), Ethernet LAN RJ45 (1), Power Adapter included

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  • Start ad-hoc or scheduled meetings, make and receive phone calls, and collaborate virtually with content sharing and annotation
  • Sync your calendar, status, meeting settings, and phone for an integrated video meeting experience Manage your device remotely through the Zoom admin portal
  • 27 multi-touch display
  • Three smart HD cameras built in for life-like video with ultra-wide 160 degree coverage
  • 8 microphone array and proprietary DSP processing delivers crystal clear audio
  • The HDMI in port lets you connect your laptop or computer, making your DTEN ME your second monitor Connect wirelessly or via ethernet for a more secure connection


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