Neat Board - 65” Collaboration & Touch Screen Device designed


Neat Board - 65” Collaboration &Touch Screen Devicedesigned for Zoom. Includes 65" display, integratedcamera & microphones, and table stand.- 65-inch capacitive multi-touch LED screen with Table standUltra HD 4K (3840 x 2160 screen resolution)- 4x digital zoom , F: 2.8 , 4056*3040 (12 MP) ,120 degrees horizontal field of viewWiFi , Ethernet , 2 x HDMI-in

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The Neat Board 65" Interactive Display, Camera and Audio Designed for Zoom Rooms

Requires the Neat Pad for full operation, sold as bundle.

Neat Board is the complete Zoom Rooms package in a simple and elegant all-in-one device. With its immersive 65” multi-touch screen, powerful audio system, and versatile wide-angle camera, Neat Board gives you a Zoom Rooms experience beyond video meetings and wireless content sharing by enabling annotations and whiteboarding.

Neat Pad Built for Zoom Rooms for Zoom

Interactive Whiteboard. With our partners at Zoom, we’re enhancing the whiteboard experience with simple powerful tools that match the way you work. The infinite canvas will provide your team with the space you need to brainstorm, organize and restructure - even when physically apart. Share the output and continue where you left off in the next meeting.

Simple Setup. Designed to provide everything you need in your Zoom Room today, Neat Board gives you the freedom and flexibility to collaborate how you want in the future. It's also easy to set up, having just one cable and a choice of either a floor stand, with optional wheels, wall mount or table stand.

Easy Operation. Neat Board responds to your presence and automatically wakes up the moment you walk in the room. Just one tap and you can wirelessly share your screen, start a meeting or mark something up. The large multi-touch screen is perfect for making notes, organizing thoughts and providing quick visual feedback, whether people are right there in the room or on video.

Use in Multiple Spaces. With multiple mounting options, the Neat board allows you to decide where to meet. From tabletop stand/feet, to wall mounting, to the versitility of a mobile AV cart (optional), the Neat Board is your go to option when looking to leverage your investment in video conferencing and remote meetings.

Neat Board 65" Interactive Whiteboard

Designed for Zoom, and ready to use out of the box, the Neat Board is your interactive video communications super-center for sharing ideas and creating productive team meetings./p>

  • 65-inch capacitive multi-touch LED screen
  • Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160 screen resolution)
  • Anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating
  • Camera LED, System LED, Ambient light sensor, Sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC
  • Table stand, Floor stand (optional, Wall mount (optional)
  • 2 × Neat Marker (passive)

Neat Board Built for Zoom Rooms for Zoom

Neat Board Camera

Automatic group framing intelligently focuses on participants, adjusting the view automatically as they enter and leave the room to ensure everyone is seen clearly. Speaker tracking automatically finds and zooms in on the active speaker so that everyone knows who is talking

  • 4056 x 3040 (12 MP) capture resolution
  • 4x digital zoom
  • 120 degrees horizontal field of view
  • Automatic people framing
  • Hardware accelerated video encode and decode
  • Distortion correction, Noise reduction, Chromatic aberration correction, Automatic white balance and color correction
  • People video resolution: Up to 1080p / 30
  • Content video resolution: 720p / 60, 1080p / 30

Neat Board Speaker and Microphone

Room-filling sound and pinpoint accurate microphones, Neat Board Bundle enables participants on both ends of your calls to hear and be heard clearly.

  • Speakerbox for maximal tonal range with minimal distortion
  • Opposing drivers for vibration cancellation
  • Dedicated wide-angle ultrasonic tweeter
  • 3 sensor mics, 5 microphones angled in an end-fire array
  • Hardware accelerated audio processing
  • Beamforming, Echo cancellation, Noise suppression, Automatic gain control, Dereverberation

Neat Pad Specifications (required at time of purchase of Neat Board)

  • Display: 8-inch screen
  • Resolution: WXGA (1280 x 800)
  • Built in Tabletop stand
  • Anti glare, anti smudge coating, Ambient light sensor
  • Sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2 and VOC
  • Speakers for ultrasound, 2 microphones
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE), compatible with IEEE 802.3af Class 3
  • Compatible with Zoom Rooms video conferencing applications
  • Compatible with Neat Board

Neat Pad Built for Zoom Rooms for Zoom

What's In the Box:

  • Neat Board
  • 2 × Neat Marker, Neat Marker holder that doubles as cable management
  • HDMI and Ethernet Cables
  • Power adapter and Cable
  • Table stand
  • Wall Mount (optional), Floor Stand (optional)
  • Documentation and Setup Guide

Neat Board Physical Dimensions:

  • Width: 58.1 inches (1476 mm)
  • Height: 39.2 inches (996 mm)
  • Depth: 13.8 inches (350 mm)
  • Weight: 102.6 pounds (46.5 kg)

Zoom Rooms camera65-inch capacitive multi-touch LED screen, 4x digital zoom, 4056 x 3040 (12 MP) capture resolution, 120 ° horizontal field of view, Automatic people framing
Zoom Rooms audioIntegrated mono sound and microphones designed for max audio quality
Zoom Rooms configured VCGear consoleUse either the Neat Board or Neat Pad for Room Control
Zoom Rooms configured Dell OptiPlexIntegrated/built-in computer no need for a dedicated in-room PC or Mac
Room KitNationwide Design, Integration, Installation and Support Services Available


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