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Yealink CP700
Medium Level Portable Speakerphone
Ideal for on-the-go and meetings of up to 4 people

The Yealink CP700 is a portable USB/Bluetooth speakerphone with excellent sound quality, ideal for on-the-go and meetings of up to 4 people.

Immersive sound for calls and music

Intelligent noise canceling

Enjoy crystal-clear sound thanks to the distraction-free noise canceling technology, so participants can focus on the call and catch every single word and idea.

Excellent sound performance

Built with wideband audio, acoustic echo cancellation, and Optima HD Voice, Yealink speakerphones provide exceptionally clear sound.And you can also use your Yealink CP700 for listening to music.


Portable design

Yealink CP700 speakerphones have a lightweight design and are small and compact enough to carry in a laptop bag or backpack. (A travel case is also included.)

The Yealink CP700 is an excellent portable conference speaker that is perfect for making and receiving small conference calls conveniently. With solid build quality, easy setup, and top-class sound performance that belies its small size, it's a great choice if you're looking for a personal conference speakerphone.


Dimension(Ø)120 x(h)28mm
Weight220 g / 7.76 oz
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 & Bluetooth
USB Cable Length2.6 feet / 0.8 meter
Wireless Technology 
Bluetooth standardBluetooth 4.0
Wireless Range100 feet / 30 meters
Supported Bluetooth profilesHands free profile v1.7, A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.3
PC USB Bluetooth dongle(Yealink BT50)USB BT audio device/HID dongle. Bluetooth 5.0
BatteryLithium Polymer
Battery capacit1420mAh
Charging power & time5V / 500mA,Charging time 3 hours
Talk time9 Hours
Standby timeStandby 360 days, Power safe after 30min
Type2 x Omni-microphone
Pickup range5 feet / 1.5 meters
Frequency range - Conference mode100Hz-8kHz
Audio Features 
Wideband Audio/HD Voice
Audio duplex
Noise suppression (NS)
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC)
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