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4K PTZ Camera for medium and large room
with perfect display




The Yealink UVC84 is a 4K PTZ camera for a medium and large room with the perfect display in everyone and every detail.

Featured 4K camera, auto framing, and integrated with audio, UVC84 delivers true-to-life communication by precisely reproducing every moment and detail. Covering a wide field of view of 80°, with mechanical pan, tilt easily done by remote control or Yealink camera control plug-in software, UVC84 brings more efficient collaboration. Moreover, the revolutionized new ID design and multiple installation options make UVC84 ideal for any professional meeting space.

4K Video, Catch Every Detail

UVC84 camera delivers 4K video output with excellent sharpness and smoothness, accurately reproducing every detail, color and awarding you a vivid video experience. Seamless integration with VCM34 array microphone or VCM38 ceiling microphone, together with Yealink Soundbar, enables UVC84 to provide a wonderful audio experience also. Premium video and audio contributes to frictionless communication for all the participants in the medium or large room.

Auto Framing, Seize Everyone

With 12x optical zoom, 3x digital zoom, and 80° field of view, UVC84 can easily cover a medium or large meeting space, ensuring everyone is seen clearly. Powered by excellent auto framing feature, UVC84 enables you free from manual PTZ control and well focus on the meeting with better efficiency.

Multiple Installations, for Any Space

Revolutionized new ID design and multiple installation options (on a conference table, on the top of a TV, on the wall, on the ceiling, onto a TV stand or a tripod) enables UVC84 to flexibly fix any professional meeting space according to your needs. Easy set-up and USB plug and play, UVC84 is right for your meeting from the first minute you start.



UVC ProtocolUVC 1.0
Maximum Resolution4K
Maximum FPS60FPS
Video Output4K30, 1080p60/30,720p60/30
Lens Focus Lengthf=3.9mm to 46.8mm
Lens Aperture (F#)F/1.6-F/2.8
Zoom12x optical, 3x digital zoom
Field of View (Horizontal)73⁰
Field of View (Vertical)45⁰
Min, Illumination0.5 lux (in daylight),
0.1 lux (at night)
Signal Noise Ratio(SNR)>63dB
Auto Focus
White Balance (WB)ATW/Auto/Manual
Pan Range±100°
Tilt Range+45°, -90°
Shutter Speed1/60 ~ 1/10000 seconds
USB1 x USB2.0 Type B
Audio Ports1x Yealink Microphone port (RJ45)
1x Line-out ports
Power AdapterAC 100~240V input
DC 48V/0.7A Output
System RequirementWindows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS 10.10 or higher
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